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      Dining   wolfgang   Cuisine     As the customers walk up the alley, the mood changes; it looks like a small  part of Italy made its way to La Jolla. The ambiance makes it charming to  eat on the out door patio by the fountain. The indoor dinning rooms also have  a cozy and romantic feeling. At La Dolce Vita Ristorante you will find home  cooked Italian food at affordable prices. (Aptz. from 5.95 - .95. pizzas  from 8.95-13.95 and entrees from 10.50-21.95.) Along with the menu, a trio of  creative specials are featured every day.

Monday through Friday we serve our lunch menu from 12pm to 3pm. This  menu includes a number of Panini with our home made Italian bread and a  side of salad. We also have a variety of full sized salads and light pastas. Our Lunch Menu prizes range from 7.95 to 14.95.
Buon Appetito!